2016 Medical Mission

In July 2016, a team of medical and non-medical professionals traveled to Togo to provide medical care to poverty-stricken people who traveled for hours – many on foot – and sat for days before getting a few short minutes of care during a four-day clinic held at our building in Agou. The building did not yet have electricity or equipment, so we crowded together in a small tent, our pharmacy, exam area, and wound care area all mingled together, the blessing of serving others with joy and compassion continued to drive our work. Despite the thick, sticky air, we worked with a quickness and supernatural energy, helping as many people as possible, as the crowds kept filtering in. God works miracles, and over 1500 patients were seen during those four days! The patients needed help for everything from chronic pain, diabetes, and high blood pressure to severe dehydration, malaria, and heart failure.