COVID-19 Pandemic

Light in the World Development Foundation is committed to the fight against COVID-19! March 6, 2020, began the unprecedented health crisis in Togo when the first case of coronavirus was detected. Faced with this crisis situation, the authorities instituted barrier measures aimed at limiting the spread of the virus within the population. The matter of greatest importance of these measures includes handwashing with soap and water.

It is in this context that, to support the government in the response against the coronavirus, Light in the World Development Foundation, represented by its Executive Director – Togo, Mr. SEDOUFIO Mensah K Honoré, donated handwashing devices to equip law enforcement and health centers in the fight against the pandemic. The Ahadii-Kpota territorial brigade and the EL-ELYON SANTE clinic are the first to receive donations. This donation is part of a vast project that LWDF has undertaken to fight against the spread of COVID-19 throughout the territory. Our goal is to assist security and defense forces, health centers, and also vulnerable households.

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