Light in the World Development Foundation – June 2018

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Creating Opportunities for Local Population

Local residents of Agou, Togo, farming the land that was donated to LWDF by the Togolese government. We have a total of four hectares (nearly 10 acres), with the majority of the land being open for farming.

On June 25th, Dr. Folly will be meeting with members of Tractors for Africa, a non-profit organization that delivers tractors to help the people with agricultural needs. This will in turn yield more crops and help to decrease the risk of malnutrition. It will also help the Togolese people have a way of income to provide for their families and boost their economy.

Pictured below, you can see the LWDF Agou Clinic in the background as the women plant corn.

Boxes of Eyeglasses

These eyeglasses were donated by the Tulsa Lyons Club. We will be taking them to Togo on our medical mission trip on June 29th. A volunteer trained to use a focometer will be able to distribute them to the people who come to our clinic in Agou, Togo. They will be given at no cost to the patient.

Many of the Togolese people have never had access to something as simple as eyeglasses. Because of companies, organizations, and your donations, we are able to purchase and provide simple, yet life-changing items like this.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… Shipping Container?

The shipping containers arrived! Thanks to money donated to LWDF, we were able to pay for shipping containers full of supplies and equipment, including:

1. Patient beds

2. surgical equipment

3. operating room table donated by Dr. n Phillips

4. ultrasound machine

5. bedside cardiac monitor

6. labor & delivery bed

7. mechanical ventilation

8. IV poles

9. medications

and much more!

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